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Lotus IP Phone

The Group believes there is a huge demand and big potential in broadband application product and service, since computer users are increasing rapidly and broadband service is very common nowadays in Hong Kong. To cope with this huge demand, the Group launches a series of "broadband value-added" products “Lotus IP Phone”

1. Cost Reduction

"Full Network Coverage" Model

Traditional IDD charges are usually very high and it increases your operation expenses. By utilizing advanced broadband network and Pacific Long Distance Telephone Corp. Ltd. (Pacific1636) comprehensive VoIP network, Lotus IP Phone solution not only enables to save your IDD expenses up to 40%-70%, but also to fully utilize your broadband network. As a result it improves your company operation efficiency.

"Point-to-Point Connection" Model

Simply set up two Lotus IP Phone on both sides to enable communication through broadband network. Therefore, by just paying a fixed broadband fee, you may enjoy FREE IDD service through Lotus IP phone.

2. User-Friendly

Lotus IP Phone is very similar to the traditional IDD. Customers are able to set different dialing methods to place phone call easily. With its high compatibility, Lotus IP Phone is also able to cope with customer's different requirements and dynamic environment so that customers are able to fully utilize their existing resources for deploying Lotus IP Phone. As a result, Lotus IP Phone provides customers with better operation efficiency and higher resource utilization.

3. One-Stop Service

To help customers in cost reduction and attain higher resource utilization, based on our accurate and comprehensive VoIP service evaluation, our Lotus IP Phone professional team makes their every effort to provide customers with customized broadband telecommunication solutions - Broadband Lotus IP Phone + IDD service. In addition, our professional technical team will also provide customers with complete after-sales service for installation and any technical support.