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IDD/VOIP Services

Prepaid Telephone Card
The company's prepaid telephone card is a disposable long distance telephone card offered in denominations of HK$50 and HK$100. It is a convenient alternative calling option that allows a customer to pay in advance and obtain easy access to long distance telephone services. Available at selected outlets or through authorized dealers in Hong Kong, the company's prepaid telephone cards can be used immediately from any telephone, regardless of the network carrier.

Lotus IP Phone
Lotus IP phone, you can enjoy unlimited incoming and outgoing calls between Hong Kong and overseas with no IDD charges. Simply connect broadband network to stay in touch with your loved ones or clients by a Hong Kong phone number anytime, anywhere.

Callmela Voip phone
Callmela Voip phone is an integration of traditional telephone system and the Voice over Internet Protocol platform, and it provides services in different networks and different countries. Through internet coverage, users can call any local numbers at any part of the world using their computer or smartphone. Users in different countries can also communicate with others for free through the platform, and saved up the expenses for IDD cost.

Worldwide Forwarding
The rate of Auto Roaming has always been skyrocketing; every minute will cost you tens of dollars. Now, you can enjoy standard low flat rate of IDD Call Forwarding service no matter you are in Mainland China or other European countries. All you have to do is simply forward the numbers you usually used to the delegated Roaming Number before you leave Hong Kong. Then you can be reached at your designated landline/mobile number when someone calls the numbers that you have forwarded.