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Netel Technology (Holdings) Ltd.
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The Group

NETEL Technology (Holdings) Ltd.(the Group) is principally engaged in the business of multi-media, value added telecom and information services. The Group is evolving from IP based telecom services to multi-media applications that include but not limited to job search engine, cyber education, working with China Central Government National Development and Reform Commission : China Information Times and IP services platform .

The Group is holding telecom related license in China ie ICP , IP phone telecom license in the Philippines, SBO network license in Hong Kong. The above licenses equip the Group to carry out the business as stated. 3G Lab is the R&D laboratory for Netel and through this LAB, Netel is able to generate new services to serve the community. 3G LAB is the full subsidiary of Netel headed up by experienced research team in related field.

Our Strength:

Riding on the booming of Asian Pacific region especially China in the IT and telecom industry, the Group is able to come out new applications that combine the internet, wireless Phones, and information technology.

  1. Our own LAB, the brains of our team is the real asset of the Company. We need the best people in the industry to develop and run the business.

  2. Human Network , as being the hard fact of Asia Pacific business, the human network is the key to success. We own it and did demonstrate it.

  3. Our experience and stamina to success. The team experienced bad timing in the Asian financial crisis, we learnt and went through it with the strongest stamina and determination to succeed.

  4. The market deregulation has been giving emerging companies like us to grow. Basing on the macro environment of de regulation that make us able to get the SBO license in Hong Kong and IP license in the Philippines.

  5. Our presence in Beijing and Guanzhou make us possible to participate in the fast growing economy in China. Our venture with China Central Government, National Development and Reform Commission on China Information Times project is a proof of such saying.

Our Challenges:

Actually the project described above already launched and it takes us more than two years to evolve from a local telecom phone card company to a co. with own technology with different applications. We are more than happy to see the positive market reaction to our applications so our new challenges will then be:

  • Each project described above has huge potential to grow and the Group will focus and make every project a big contribution to the Group.

  • Through merger and acquisition, the Group is confident that we are able to grow with partners who have their professional knowhow in related field and our Company will keep on finding appropriate partners to grow together.

  • The Company commit to our investors, employees and business partners that we shall do whatever we can to grow our investment, career and business. Morever, the Group never forget our social responsibility to serve the community.