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Pacific Long Distance Telephone Corp. Ltd.

In May 1999, Pacific Long Distance Telephone Corp. Ltd. (PLDT) was set up to tap the market opportunities in the prepaid telephone cards business in Hong Kong. Like the conventional prepaid telephone card, the company's prepaid telephone card is a disposable long distance telephone card offered in denominations of HK$50 and HK$100. It is a convenient alternative calling option that allows a customer to pay in advance and obtain easy access to long distance telephone services. Available at selected outlets or through authorized dealers in Hong Kong, the company's prepaid telephone cards can be used immediately from any telephone, regardless of the network carrier.

PLDT first launched its prepaid telephone cards in 1999. Although the customer would place a call in normal fashion, the company's prepaid telephone card has a technological niche over its conventional counterpart. Whilst the conventional telephone card is capable of being used only over PSTN platforms, the company takes advantage of its prepaid telephone cards platform that combines traditional long distance product with a high-tech internet telephony international termination platform. The company's prepaid telephone cards platform has been designed as a PSTN switch with VoIP functions, and enables the company to provide a robust, reliable and quick prepaid product. Its architecture includes a backbone switching mechanism that offers an integration of circuit-switched and packet-switched networks, and automatically detects and adopts the best routing available having regard to routing costs, connection stability and QoS. With the simultaneous use of VoIP and PSTN switching, the company is able to achieve lower routing costs through the VoIP functionality whilst retaining relatively stable connections and QoS offered by the PSTN platform.

The company offers a variety of brands of prepaid telephone cards, there were 65 brands being offered since 1999. These can be broadly categorized into two types, namely country-specific cardsand premium cards.

The company's prepaid telephone cards are currently available for sale either at its self-operated outlets under the name of the Lotus Club, or on a distribution basis at over 700 selected independent retail outlets or points of presence within Hong Kong. These retail outlets or points of presence are customarily found in populous areas where human traffic or the target group customer is dense, hence ensuring a more localized and effective customer reach.