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Lotus Communication Limited

LOTUS Communication Limited is principally engaged in the business of providing IP-based telecommunication services. In view of the deregulation of the global telecommunication market and rapid growth of the Internet, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, in favor of IP-based telecommunication services, LOTUS recognized the opportunity to set up a new infrastructure enabling the convergence and leverage of the strengths of conventional telephone network and the VoIP technology. With its integrated gateway that supports both PSTN and VoIP functionalities, the company is able to offer wholesale services that allow telecommunication service providers to route their calls via the company's integrated gateway.

The Company has also teamed up with foreign telecommunication service providers in a reciprocal arrangement whereby the company would route its international calls via those foreign gateways to gain access to call destinations within those countries, and vice versa.This method enables the company to enhance its global network reach without having the need to invest large sums of capital in setting up overseas infrastructure. The principal countries currently covered by the company under this arrangement include the PRC, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, United States, Japan and Philippines.