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Netel Technology (Holdings) Ltd.
Flat C, 9/F Max Share Centre,
373 King's Road,
North Point, Hong Kong.

+852 2907 3777
+852 2510 0266
[email protected] Ltd Ltd is a 100% owned by Netel Technology (Holdings) Ltd. This company has been founded over 9 years and we have had 3 offices in Shenzhen. Further, Ltd has stored over tens’ millions of data of companies and individuals in Mainland, Hong Kong and Overseas.

The business model of Ltd is quite different from traditional recruitment agents. The titbit of our model is on cyber, have online platform 1. Web job advertisement, 2. Smartphone recruitment advertising, 3. Social media promotion, and 4. Video interview platform with Mobile GPS located jobs. Our mobile APPS: GBjobs.

Further, would focus on 1. Hong Kong headhunting and recruitment web advertising services, 2. China-Hong Kong cross-border recruitment web advertising and headhunting services, 3. Touring Recruitment Service, 4. Smartphone headhunting and matching service, 5. Big Data with algorithm headhunting, 6. Regular tour recruitment day, 7. Regularly hold human resources lectures, also has offline business platform, 1. Touring Recruitment Vehicle, 2. Local and cross-border headhunting services, 3. Recruitment activities, 4. Human Resources Lecturing on different site and company. Ltd has signed contract with Hong Kong regional company to recruit staffs in mainland China. It is our growing sector. Further, we have built up network with mainland China HR agents for candidates’ referral. I. T talents and professionals are our major target for recruitment because those talents are shortage in Mainland China and Hong Kong respectively.