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GBjobs China Salary Index Company Limited

GBjobs China Salary Index Company Ltd has used the data that stored over 9 years in China to create an online salary index. China Online Salary Index based on big data. Helping job seekers understand the wages in vary city and every industry as well as preparing a good job planning. Further, China Online Salary Index helps employers decide their staffs’ salary compensation. China Online Salary Index collects the information of national job web sites through internet. According to vary industry and city to make an average number, it is an algorithm application with big data. uses the information collected over the past nine years to apply the big data algorithm technology to fill up the gap of market. On the other hand, it raises the popularity of Ltd in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Furthermore, it enhances the matching with job seekers and employers upon supply and demand, and improves the employment rate in the market.

金飯碗人力資源服務(深圳) 有限公司 ( English translation, Human Resources Service (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd) has launched China Online Salary Index in 2018 prosperously.
The purpose of this index is to make job seekers and companies aware of the trends in the positions of those cities, the rise and fall of wages, and the timing of demand. As a result, job seekers and enterprises can stay closely to the market for job search and recruitment activities.

As a job seeker:
1. Seeing an upward trend in the salary indicator curve indicates that the position has a promising future;
2. Knowing the number of positions, you can judge whether the position is popular in the local area and the employment opportunities are high or low;
3. You can know in which period, the companies have large demand to recruit with many vacancies.

As an enterprise:
1. The employers can understand the whole industry with which period employees will change jobs frequently, and employers may plan the staffing in advance;
2. The employers can know whether there are many high-level personnel looking for job in the market, or most of the personnel is in other levels;
3. Understanding the approximate salary and vacancy distribution of market.
For enterprises, by using with China Online Salary Index would know their salary level to compare with market, and adjusts to retain talents. If it is for a job seeker, the applicant can learn about the number of jobs in each city (such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen) and the salary situation, so as to make career planning.

GBjobs China Salary Index Company Ltd would also publish report on following issues:
. Whole year average salary index per month
. Whole year major industry average salary index
. Whole year major 20 cities average salary index
. Positions increased for major industry

Dolphins HR Consultancy a registered company in Hong Kong, and had obtained the "Licence to Operate an Employment Agency" issued by the Hong Kong Labor Department. In the year 2010, the company develop the newest and innovative recruitment website --

The reminding function of Dophins HR Consutancy Ltd was incorporated into Gbjobs.Com Ltd. Gbjobs.Com Ltd also provides cross-boundary recruitment services, web recruiting, and tailor made recruiting solutions for different enterprises, local or international, and creates more competitive and effective job postings and recruitment services.

Further, Gbjobs.Com Ltd has been committed to developing business in Mainland, Macau and the Philippines, and serves the local institutions for international recruitment. The company also introduced the international markets with the new technology and multimedia platform in the human resources field.